Are you looking for a Virtual Office in USA?

As you begin your journey in establishing your business, our virtual office service is the ideal solution from a “cost and convenience” perspective. Typically both these factors are intertwined and are directly co-correlated. Higher the cost, greater is the convenience and vice versa. Young companies are in dilemma of how to manage this issue.

Fortunately our virtual office solution is both convenient and cost effective. Our virtual office solutions includes virtual office address in USA, virtual mailbox USA, conference room rental in NJ, USA and other services.

What is a Virtual Office?

According to BNET Business Directory, a virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. It differs from “office business centers” or “executive suites”, which do provide office space.

How does virtual office address help a start up or small business or an overseas company?

Virtual address in USA, may be the perfect set up for companies that don’t have a large budget but at the same time need a virtual yet professional office address to receive mail and to communicate with customers and vendors. It can be considered as one is having virtual mailbox in USA.

Many start up entrepreneurs begin their journey by working from their home or a library and then graduate by taking up a Virtual office address in USA as this gives them the flexibility and convenience. We understand their requirements as we have the experience and expertise of providing this service. We provide Virtual office with own virtual office address and virtual mailbox for address & mail forwarding requirements in USA.

Many small businesses including overseas companies with US operations have a very lean staff that may be geographically spread out. In such a case, it may not be possible for them to invest in renting real estate space in multiple locations. A virtual office in USA, provides the perfect solution for such companies as it combines the benefit of a professional office address with the flexibility of having a geographically spread out sales staff.

Our virtual address in USA includes:

  • Registered Office of the company (only in New Jersey). It is mandatory for every company registered in New Jersey to have a New Jersey address where all official state and legal documents can be served.

  • Our Virtual Mailbox USA offers Official mailing address for their business including using it in all their marketing brochures, business cards and web site.

  • Scanning all incoming mail and emailing to designated email address or sending the mail by courier.

  • Check deposit option for customers who may receive a lot of customer checks that need to be deposited.

  • Discounted use of conference room facility or Furnished office suites if required.

Some of our unique features include:

  • Professional Address not a P.O.Box address: You will get a professional address that you can use for your business and is not a mail box address that is offered by many service providers.

  • Registered Office Address at no additional cost: For companies that are registering in New Jersey State you will get the added benefit of using our address as the registered office address with New Jersey State.

  • Flexibility that comes with our virtual office service. You can initially sign up with our virtual office service and then as your business grows you can switch at any time to renting any of our Furnished office suites. We also provide office space for rent and conference room rental in NJ, USA.

  • Convenience We offer a month on month option with a 30 day notice period for terminating the contract.

  • Check deposit service option is very useful for companies that don’t have any administrative staff to take care of this very important function.

The company is managed directly by the business owners and as a result you will get the level of attention not offered by other service providers. If you are looking for a very affordable and flexible option, then give us a call and we can set you up a Virtual office solution today.